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If you are substituting yarns, you need to ensure that the amount of yarn you obtain is at least the same length, which may mean that you need a greater quantity of yarn in grams! 3 sts Cast off. This is the yarn to knit your big delicious blankets out of, there is really nothing that will look as good, knit as well or wear as well – she is robust, soft, full and hardy. Artisan Ribbed Tunic knitting pattern. Some of her more interesting creations included a yarn-bombed trike, a rat-shaped bookmark, liquorice Allsorts (made from felt) and cigarettes she knitted for a friend who wanted to give up smoking. READ MORE: * Man leaves Invercargill City Council $90k in his will in 'stunning' gesture * Cambridge knitters natter while their fingers create * Knitting and crochet, the new cool. You can learn how to knit or improve your skills with our knitting tutorials, patterns, tips and more. The book was a way for O’Brien to preserve knitting history, but she discovered there was no formal community for knitters in the country. Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8. KNIT YOUR FIRST SCARF. 99 likes. Got out the circular needles recently and knitting this gorgeously snuggly little neck warming scarf. Ailsa O'Brien's Invercargill home is filled with her knitted creations. You will need to undertake some additional steps to make sure you get what you want. Knitting Grab your knitting needles and some yarn to get started. These range from gentle hand-washing to a normal machine wash. If you make your stitches a different size, your item will come out bigger or smaller from that which the pattern intends. If you are unsure what you are looking for, please ask us for clarification. This means it is guaranteed to be all the same shade. She has dabbled in appliqué (a type of embroidery), crochet, quilting, and decoupage. Crafted with the utmost care and attention, we draw our inspiration from New Zealand’s astonishing natural beauty. Cast on a number of stitches that is roughly the width you want your scarf to be. Attach to the centre of the eye, then fasten the eyes on each side of the head, positioning one eye to the bottom part of the patch and a second spaced evenly above the snout. 7.00 . Friends came to visit simply to see what she had come up with, she said. Penguin sweaters are no longer needed in New Zealand, but check back in the future.Thanks for all of your efforts! The most popular colour? O’Brien is a bit of a “knit nut” herself. Sometimes these differences are quite subtle and don’t affect your project, however it is also possible that differences are noticeable and can result in an unwanted striping effect. Either way, it assumes you will have a certain length of yarn. $16.85 & FREE Returns Return this item for free. This can get confusing quickly as a yarn described as 8 ply (for weight) might only be constructed using three strands of fibre. A ply is a single strand of fibre. Once you understand the overall structure of a knitting pattern, you’ll find yourself eager to conquer even more complex patterns and textures, like cable knits. Knitting Lessons are available in all of our shops, if you would like to Learn to Knit or need some help with your knitting "One on One" knitting lessons available during shop hours - please phone for an appointment before you come in" When yarn is dyed in separate batches, there can be slight variations in shade between batches. Some projects may require additional tools (like a cable needle or lace pins) and there are a few extra tools that aren’t necessary but are well-loved by knitters and crocheters everywhere, such as point protectors, project bags and needle gauges. Different batches don’t always show variations, and even if they do, there are techniques to minimise the striping effect. Her latest project is a decoupage feature wall for her townhouse, using canvas panels and labels from yarn that her club helped her collect. At Middlemore Hospital, families in need have been taking away warm woollen garments, toys and blankets, often knitted by large groups at their popular get-togethers. Into the Mountains. Common plies include 5, 8 and 10 ply, but a yarn can be any ply number a spinner desires. Every craft requires different tools. “There was nothing to bring knitters together in New Zealand,” she said. Each yarn will come with its own care instructions. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about free knitting patterns? 0. She does, however, knit baby clothes and toys for the Perriam stores in Wanaka and at Tarras, near Bendigo Station. Bind off. “My knitting keeps me focused,” O’Brien said. Knit tops can look chic and fashionable and not bulky at all. Yarns can be substituted! The thickness of the yarn is one of the primary determinants of the properties of the finished item, and one of the key factors to take into account when selecting a yarn. There are many other sources of fibre, including: Some yarns are made from just one fibre and some are a mix of several. You can learn to change your tension but it is often easier to achieve the correct gauge by changing one of the other factors. Rows 1 and 3: Knit. Start knitting until your scarf is the length that you like. Other Knitting & Weaving for sale online in New Zealand. If your gauge of yarn you're using doesn’t match the gauge which the pattern specifies, you may make adjustments before starting your project. Patterns will either ask for a certain quantity of a specified yarn, or a certain number of metres. Do your math before you start a project and you should be fine. Loom knitting - New Zealand. She's been clicking needles since she was just 6 years old and kept the first doll and blanket she created in an old Cadbury’s chocolate box. The club was born in 2003, soon after the release of O’Brien's book Knitting Yarns, Past, Present, How will the future Unravel? Description. This information is given on the yarn label. It involves using moisture, heat or both to shape the item to its finished state. Gauge is the size of the stitches you are making. O’Brien loved recreating pictures she had seen online and didn't need patterns, she said. Rib-based knitting patterns you should check out include the garter rib blanket from Orange Flower Yarn and the broken rib blanket by Bonnie Evans. 1. OUTFIT Crochet and knit nz. – a collection of stories about how Kiwi knitters got started. Blocking can be part of the finishing process for your creation. We’ve answered some of the most common below. Intermediate skill level.Comes in sizes XS-L.Uses Crucci Natural Wonder Artisan wool (or just Crucci Natural Wonder), and requires 6-8 balls depending on size. New Zealand double-sided knit scarf Very soft to touch and fashionable Contemporary design with classic features (New Zealand symbols) 57-in. Ailsa O’Brien’s Knitknutz Knitting mail-out club has grown to … how tightly or loosely you work each stitch,  i.e. The yarn is so delicious to work too. Slip Stitch Patterns . Continue to 3 of 5 below. In New Zealand, a number of district health boards have begun accepting these garments for our own babies. This area of New Zealand, Central Otago, lays claim to being the hottest, coldest, driest and most inland part of New Zealand. Men’s and Women’s Knitwear Lovingly Crafted in New Zealand. The groups meet regularly in cafes, community hubs or libraries to knit hats. She does it for pure enjoyment. In a world of worsted spun wool, it's interesting to see a woollen spun yarn such as this. Rows 2 and 4: Purl. Most patterns are free. Man leaves Invercargill City Council $90k in his will in 'stunning' gesture, Cambridge knitters natter while their fingers create, No room at the MIQ inn, except for the rich and famous, says immigration lawyer, Covid-19: Virus will spread to community as staff not given adequate PPE, warns MIQ returnee, The 'brutal' catch-22 politics of trying to move to affordable housing, Police arrest wrong men at gunpoint after west Auckland firearms incident, America's Cup: No panic as American Magic's slump rolls on in Prada Cup, NBA: Steven Adams and LeBron James get in a tangle during Lakers v Pelicans, 'We are just broken': Devastated neighbours struggle to comprehend Melbourne tragedy, How the White House juggles Inauguration Day also being moving day, America's Cup: Britain's new sail system ruled illegal, Quiz: Afternoon trivia challenge: January 16, 2021. But it isn’t an exact science. Embroider a pupil using black yarn or chain 6 sts and join in a round. 5 out of 5 stars (239) 239 reviews. A few years ago the Yarn Council came up with a standardised naming convention, but earlier names are still more commonly used. Current Page: Home Journal Shop About 0. *Spearheaded by Amy Hewgill, a knitter, crocheter, spinner, and small-business owner, the organisation promotes the activity, creativity, and art of knitting in New Zealand. *Anne Mortimer, a knitter, felter and fellow organizer of Worldwide Knit in Public Day Christchurch 2009. Anyone wanting to loom knit, add patterns, of learn how to knit. “They considered it an essential material for people's wellbeing,” she said. If you are unsure about your substitution choice, let us know and we can help. An Invercargill woman is celebrating 17 years of stitching together a knitting community across New Zealand, and beyond. You guessed it: blue. Create something amazing with our curated selection of highest quality yarn, fibres, tools and patterns. Yarn can be classified or described in a number of ways, including: Our yarn listings contain information about all of these classifications, as well as other features. Current Page: Home Journal Shop About Cart Knitting Kits. WE ARE MOVING! Because patterns tell you how many stitches to work, they assume that you are making those stitches a particular size. Here are some style tips on how to wear our fab knit tops. Machine washing an item that is not intended to be washed in that more-aggressive way will likely damage your item beyond repair. Her townhouse at the Rowena Jackson Retirement Village looked like a craft store with her work becoming part of the decor. If you need something to be machine washable, make sure you select a machine washable yarn. the tension. Because of the close relationship between tension and gauge, the words are often used interchangeably in patterns. Substituting for a different weight yarn is harder, as it is going to result in a very different size item, or a very different fabric. An Invercargill woman is celebrating 17 years of stitching together a knitting community across New Zealand, and beyond. In yarn construction, several strands are twisted together. If you need 125 metres, you will need two balls of merino, but only one of acrylic. Make sure you factor in this possibility. Crochet & knit! Maniototo Wool is a Merino/Romney cross with a mid micron level. It depends on your project type. Once you’re comfortable with the knit stitch, you’re ready to knit your first scarf. For example, 50 grams of merino 8 ply/double knit may have 110 metres of yarn; but 50 grams of acrylic 8 ply/double knit may have 135 metres of yarn. Now if you want some Christmas [Read More], Copyright © 2021 The Yarn Queen, New Zealand | Privacy Policy, Dive straight into the feedback!Login below and you can start commenting using your own user instantly, Capital Fibre Fest | Wellington | October 24 2020, 23 Magic Pompom Christmas Decoration Ideas, its purpose (that for which it is best suited). It is often used for things like lace that need to be stretched open to show the details of the design. If you need more yarn and cannot get it with the same batch number, don’t panic! Wool most accurately refers to fibre that has been shorn from an animal, such as sheep or alpaca. For each hat sold the organisation donates another to someone in need in New Zealand. It is measured by counting the stitches over a measured length, usually 4 inches or 10 cm. synthetics (nylon, acrylic, and polyester). Here are the most common yarn weights; more information is also available here. For this scarf you will need, 2 balls of WATG's Crazy Sexy Wool, 1 pair of 15mm knitting needles and a sewing needle. How exciting! Our luxurious Possum Merino knitwear is designed, knitted and manufactured on site in Auckland, New Zealand. … See more ideas about Knitting, Knitting tutorial, Knitting help. Cart Open Menu Close Menu. When yarn is dyed, all the yarn destined to be in the same batch is dyed contemporaneously. Made from Zealana Kiwi 40% NZ Merino Wool/30%Brushtail Possum Fur/30% Organic Cotton it is so soft and warm yet doesn’t make you sweat or feel uncomfortable whilst wearing it even on a warmish day. It's lovely and robust and is spun on the island in Christchurch. “I'll have a go at most things,” she said. Joy is a wonderful twisted mega big chunky wool – super bulky yarn – 100% fine micron NZ premium Polwarth . Finishing For finishing, break yarn, draw through the remaining live stitches, and pull to … There are many ways to style knit tops besides just throwing it on with jeans. The higher the ply number, the thicker the yarn. For knitting and crochet, you will generally need the following: Many people also use a small crochet hook for picking up and fixing mistakes (either in knitting or crochet). Free returns are available for the shipping address you chose. In New Zealand, Australia and the UK, ply is often (confusingly) used to describe yarn weight. The number of strands used is the number specifying the ply. Substituting for a very different fibre may result in a fabric or item that performs differently, even if it is the correct size. Ailsa O’Brien’s Knitknutz Knitting mail-out club has grown to some 200 members, including two in Australia and one in Canada, who receive bi-monthly booklets filled with the tips and tricks she's learned over the years. Well you're in luck, because here they come. If you have always wanted to know how to knit or crochet now is your chance to learn the basics or develop your existing skills and create something beautiful with one of our project sheets. There are three factors which determine the size of your stitches: There is no right or wrong tension – everyone’s is different. However, O’Brien doesn't limit herself to knitting. Lisa "Your stitch count should not change, it should be consistent row to row.For every SSK and K2tog you do there is a yo to compensate for the reduced stitches in the pattern. Keep an eye out in the coming months. 03 of 05. There are lots of ways you can learn a fibre art! If you are ordering yarn to top up a project, please let us know what batch number you already have and we will check to see if we can match it. The first two stitches are knit from the left hand needle, and then two stitches are knit from the cable needle. wide Wear with pride! If you’re planning a lifelong habit, we recommend getting these as and when you can. Knitting patterns for toys and other projects inspired by animals and birds native to Australia and New Zealand. Stay extra cosy by layering a knit cardigan over the top and tuck in the top under a high waisted skirt. It is rare that a project cannot be saved. A swatch is a piece of test knitting or crocheting used to check the gauge that you’re using. Enjoy our delicately handmade scarfs, hats, flowers, coasters and headbands :) request your colour and within 14 days we will deliver. long by 7-in. Superfine Merino wool, Possum fibre and silk fibre is uniquely Aotearoa. 71 likes. O’Brien doesn't craft to sell. O’Brien was taught by her mother, but said modern technology made it easy for anyone to learn. Yarn weight is an accurate indication of the yarn thickness, but not in commonly specified units such as millimeters. There are 5503 free knitting patterns for sale on Etsy, and they cost NZ$4.43 on average. New orders will be sent after Jan 27th. Browse kits . Whether its mittens, a scarf or a blanket for … Oct 18, 2020 - How to Knit | Learn to Knit | DIY Craft Knitting | Go to spot for learning how to knit, beginner knitting tips, and easy project ideas!. 'Oopsies' do happen from time to time. In other countries, weights are described using names. The most common free knitting patterns material is wool. the size and type of needles/hook you are using. is a group of knitting enthusiasts. In New Zealand, Australia and the UK, ply is often (confusingly) used to describe yarn weight. The most common way to adjust gauge is to change your needle/hook size. In other countries, weights are described using names. If you have any questions that we haven’t answered in the listing, let us know. The clothes were given to families with little boxes and mattresses “so they have somewhere to lay their wee babies for photos", she said. hooks or knitting needles to work your yarn, stitch markers (you can use substitutes such as paper clips or safety pins), a stitch holder (although you can use waste yarn), ask a friend or family member to teach you, attend community classes (check out your local community education series), learn through guilds or associations (in New Zealand, this includes Creative Fibre NZ, Spinners and Weavers and many others), look up local social knitting groups or knit nights. Fox Cub - Knitting Kit. Binding off is the final knitting technique you’ll need to complete your first knitting project. Woolworx is a fantastic online NZ wool store selling patterns, needles, knitting kits and other yarn supplies at great prices. “There are plenty of tutorials online; very good ones,” she said. The word yarn is a generic term used to cover all  possibilities. Woolworx is a fantastic online NZ wool store selling patterns, needles, knitting kits and other yarn supplies at great prices. They can be accessed here on my website, as well as in my Knit Stitch Pattern Book available for purchase on Etsy. My basic beginner patterns include both the written instructions and the knitting chart. Knitting in New Zealand. Row 5: K2tog, k1, k2tog. Weights are given different names by different providers. KNITTING & CROCHET PROJECTS. Capital Fibre Fest is our local grand fibre event! See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for Learn to knit. See more ideas about knitting, knitting patterns, knitting inspiration. Ailsa O’Brien has been building a community of Kiwi knitters. We’ll be happy to help where we can. In general, if the fibre and weight is the same as the recommended fibre and weight then you are safe. If you can’t see your question here, try searching our blog articles or, failing that, send us an email. With a crafting career spanning decades, O’Brien has heaps of hints to share, but the booklets also contain ideas, patterns and contributions from the Knitknutz community. Common names include Sport (5 ply), DK/Double Knit (8 ply) and Worsted/Aran (10 ply). 56.00 . You could: We will also have a series of tutorials developed and made available online. Just make sure you always get slightly more than you need. That’s it! Nov 25, 2020 - How to Knit, Knitting patterns, knitting inspiration, knitting DIY. The Yarn Queen | NZ Boutique Stockists of Quality Knitting Yarn. baby blanket KNITTING PATTERNS - classic cable blanket - PDF instant download rocketclothinglondon. Then, cast off. We get a lot of questions about yarn and yarn crafts. O’Brien believed the craft was great for mental health, pointing out that even Government understood its importance when it allowed the sale of yarn during the lockdown. Update! Sarah E. White Slip stitch knitting is an easy way to give your projects a little more color and/or texture without a lot of work. Buy and sell other Knitting & Weaving on Trade Me Come find us at Expressions Arts and Entertainment Centre in Upper Hutt for this free event, packed [Read More], Last month we gave you three easy ways to make pompoms, including a walkthrough of how to use the Clover pompom maker. The group knit teeny baby clothes for families of stillborn babies. Some learned on meat skewers and nails, she said. A recent oil spill on New Zealand’s coast has left the environment and wildlife in shambles — including the local blue penguin population. We don't stock anything we wouldn't use ourselves. To get the knitting patterns, scroll down the page to the individual pattern you want and click on the link to that pattern. The social enterprise, which aims to tackle loneliness and improve mental health, currently has 11 knitting groups across New Zealand and around 120 members. “It takes a lot of work and a lot of glue,” she said, but she was doing it “in between knitting for a wee change.”. The fibres and construction will influence how many metres are available in a given weight of that yarn. From shop rocketclothinglondon. 1. The higher the ply number, the thicker the yarn. That’s why all our yarns have both styles of weight name listed. O’Brien was one of 20 Invercargill women who were apart of the Precious Babies group. Leaving a long length of yarn, then make a slipknot by looping the yarn around your fingers and pulling the yarn through the loop. Common names include Sport (5 ply), DK/Double Knit (8 ply) and Worsted/Aran (10 ply). Little friends to make and care for. Yarn is sold by physical weight (in grams or ounces) but not all 50 gram balls are the same.

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