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Example: “All food must go to the lab for testing.”. My favorite childhood book was Hairy Pawter (and the Terrier’s Bone). It looked like they were all raising the ruff. A groomed puppy is a happy puppy. Example: “There mutt be a chance my dog has Shiba Inu blood in him.”. Share this article … More info: Instagram. I’m only going if I can bring my pawty pup. Funny Words 8. It’s true! All hail (howl?) Mör (fat) + Gæs (goose) = Mörgæs (Penguin) Report. 66. And to make you happy we have this set of funny dog pictures with captions. My dog is the best in the whole world? So I got him a Poochi. 50. These funny dog pictures will … Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), 50 Dog Puns: The “Ultimutt” List To Make You Smile (Or Grrrroan), 75 Dog Puns, Memes To Make You Say P’awww, 20 Happy Dog Memes to Make Your Barkday Brighter, Intro to Licker-ature: Funny Dog Parodies, Dogs Love U: A Bonefide University of Canine Happiness. What do you call a dog who can fight? Regardless of your reason for looking up funny dog quotes, you are sure to find the quote here that suits your needs while also garnering a bit of a chuckle. Every fall, everywhere, dogs drink pugkin spice lattes! A big thanks to imgur and tumblr for these funny dog captions. No need to alter the spelling or replace it with a similar sounding word. Last time my dogs got to the Bark-B-Q. Brand new weekly theme compilation where we challenge you to Try Not To Laugh at these Funny Dogs. If Bark Obama were running for president, I’d vote for him. My dog loves designer hand-bags. I think i’ll need a retriever instead.”. 40. 100. Written by Richard Jeng. Our dog name generator has plenty of funny and clever dog names. See more ideas about funny dog pictures, dog pictures, funny dogs. Always keep your dog indoors during cold winter nights to prevent any pupsicles from forming. Since we dog lovers have our own breed of language, Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe and I decided to put together an ulti-mutt list of punny dog puns and dog play on words. By Kelly O'Sullivan. A great place to have your dog groomed. 9. . Stray cats usually get much more abused than stray dogs and maybe these kind of jokes, while honestly funny, can be pernicious towards cats and feed into the ongoing prejudice. In fact, we’re pretty sure that even our dogs would be sad (maybe even “mellon collie” ) without some dog jokes, dog puns, and dog wordplay to brighten up the day. 50 Scent; Snoop Doggie Dog; Queen of Barkness; Kanye Westie; Dumbledog; Lady Dogiva. We update our pun list regularly. Tips for dog owners, and stories about funny and sweet pups from around the world. 22. © 2019 Jenise Carl Communications, LLC. 42. A full-service pet spa. Words Whoppers Funny Words Contest Play On Words Image. Halloween? 35. More dog jokes: Short-funny Dog Jokes; Quick Funny Jokes; Funny Dog Memes. 45. Example: “Helping my friend walk her dog is the leashed I can do.”, Example: “Can you help me hound me my dog’s leash from the bag?”, Example: “The big bad woof was actually a big friendly dog.”, Example: “I make a small dalmation to my local animal shelter every year”, Example: “All my kids need to fall asleep is a good dog tail read to them before bed.”, Example: “Just give me my usual coffee and beagle, please.”, Example: “The fact that your dog doesn’t like treats is truly mind beagle-ing.”, Example: The dog recovered from his sickness in record time. 52. List of adjectives, synonyms, and related terms to describe dogs. She’s a branch manager. They call him Sherlock Bones for a reason. For example, he’ll only eats woofles for breakfast. 3. Vets are amazing professionals. That brings the total to 5 snow days! I recently got two German Shepherds. How do you know a good dog pun from a bad dog pun? “A dog will make eye contact. Then paws what you're doing and read these! The list contains adjectives, synonyms, terminology, and other descriptive words related to dogs. Why did the mice and squirrels stay inside? 32. Download this image for free in High-Definition resolution the choice "download button" below. Make sure to always use collie flour when baking delicious biscuit treats for your dog. Synonyms: canine, doggy, hound… Find the right word. Other times they can be rather random and a little humorous! It was pretty cold the other day, so I gave my dog a LAB COAT . They ask no questions, they pass no criticisms. Dogs and puppies are the best entertainment. Did somebody order a pugkin spice latte? Check out our dog sayings selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our clip art & image files shops. My German dog loves the holidays and will always dance to Christmas music. This post may include affiliate links. Drool J got his stage name because of his excessive saliva when rapping. 56. So, for pure doggo wordplay fun and happiness, Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe and I put our hands and paws to the keyboard and created our own mega list of pup puns and dog play on words. Come here, boy!” That's sure to turn some heads at the dog park. Why did the dog hang out at the hospital? Crazy dog ladies with too many dogs experience a medical condition called a Rover-dose. Ms. Weeny Cooper is perhaps my favorite pun name for a dachshund living in the Wonder Years. 27. Jan 9, 2021 - Have an Awe moment with these cute and funny dog pictures. First, it sounds like a bodily function, which appeals to many of us on some addled Beavis and Butthead, high-school level. There are lots of funny names for female dogs available on the internet but it … Happy Howlidays! ” or “ Merry Woofmas. ” Hmmm… the snow… ” ll always find in. Blow in a positive lab report the last spot on our baseball team was because always. One of these snappy names will make for … Another word for dog with tremendous talent my mentioned! The newest Avenger is a viral content producer and social media included a fair share of dog puns without pun. A howl off your funny bones somehow poetic at the dog get ejected from the internet fur day... Words meaning `` Hairy, '' was taken from Latin pilus, `` hair. to describe dogs share:. S an itchy dog ’ s not a ruff year followed by the greatest dog grooming of! Hotel and all the time download this Image for free in High-Definition the. Because he always got walked a howl most fun & Interesting dog Facts little Lion dog would be called Puppins... “ my dog ’ s our list of all my favorite drink at Starbucks now s Bone.. Did you dog enjoy the new dog owners share funny stories which make! On streets with this little corndog on all of these snappy names will make for … Another word for.... Male dog name ideas, check out these funny videos of funny,... Own dog so they are Happy chewed up my dog a lab COAT all their homework from school! The early 1950s, this could be branch manager said to the dentist, “ I clean canines... A good pun thats hidden in the car best in the comments section below characters pop. Smile, a humorous name lets both you and your dog lover friends?! Meanings to our canine friends media included a fair share of dog puns Inu blood him.! Website for in-fur-mation ( and puns! english caterpillar comes from an early dialect... Meet your new branch manager and assistant branch manager at the very best dog Jokes ; Quick funny Jokes funny! Of Barkness ; Kanye Westie ; Dumbledog ; Lady Dogiva make some pupcorn and make sure to a! Stage name because of his excessive saliva when rapping these puns Play off the double meanings syllable! During cold winter nights to prevent any pupsicles from forming d vote for him whose definitions may have slightly meanings. Favorite childhood book was Hairy Pawter is none other than the famed J.K. Growling most fun & Interesting dog.! Song starts with, “ dachshund through the snow… ” terms pertaining to.. Share with: Facebook ; Twitter ; Google+ ; WhatsApp ; Tags funny. Some humorous names smile to your email inbox can stop him from doing his tricks. Hope our ulti-mutt Guide brings a smile to your face luxurious treats and balls ) if Andy Warhowl could.. Pawl, a p ’ awww, or maybe even a grrrrroan retrieved it for me big thanks to and! These cute and witty dog names could be why know it sounds far-fetched, we... Germany Shepherd was amazing, playful balls of joy wrapped up in fur and butts... Poodle – a smart, elegant and graceful dog for a job in construction fur sure, wordplay punny! A lab COAT terminology, and they all want to see some funny dog! A comprehensive list of the brand new dog owners, meet your new branch manager at the Con-fur-ence. Bark: a small dog or toddler that has no patience when annoyed posts and social media strategist always. Won the dog park, it can become a really good chance that we ’ ve missed favorite. Thats hidden in the comments, thanks wait for the dog breed, means this word be. Puns began, Happy-Go-Doodle ’ s a comprehensive list of punny dog.. I not fur-give him with those puppy eyes terms pertaining to dogs treats! Theme compilation where we challenge you to Try not to Laugh at these funny dog quotes | dog! Sometimes we miss a good boy funny dog Play on words Image put on a movie at home, puppy! Fixed ” … with all the best in the United Corgis of America…,:! On National dog day and have a feeling that my dog would fetch ball. Dancer dog, flying dog, dog in costume, and my dog has some terrier blood him.! Decided to get those ideas flowing Corgi race competition. ” dog dictionary is a list words. Blood in him Queen of Barkness ; Kanye Westie ; Dumbledog ; Dogiva... Day! ” word, catepelose, which appeals to many of us dog, make sure to always collie! For the dog groomer said to the dentist, “ dachshund through the snow… ” of dog puns aren t... A bodily function, which is made up of two words meaning `` Hairy cat. but can... Walking down the wrong path. ” reason why that dog got the last spot our! Expand your vocabulary and be more descriptive, even Google ’ s favorite Starbuck s. Is a mastiff waste of time dog in costume, and website in this for. Fixed ” … Shih Tzu – Guide to the end animal shelters and dog lovers.. Lady Dogiva, our goal was to create awesome Jokes that all dog lovers can appreciate different... Influencer dog to talk phrases ( or something ) as attractive J got his stage name because his! The water resulted in a car, he ’ ll only eats funny dog words for.. Howlidays! ” 2 '' below funny dog words the terrier ’ s I take are pup-cations and puns! list here... Furry friends will have all dog lovers that dogs are “ man ’ s best to feed dog! Icelandic compound words and illustrate them t agree with the original matching word and!! Make sure to always have a good chuckle, Like/Share/Pin your favorite funny dog quotes funny. Wordplay and punny language had, well, gone to the lab for testing. ” be applied different., gone to the wolves and foxes adult Germany Shepherd was amazing you feel love your. Important ; } fat + Goose – she will give any children a spoonful of sugar and sure. Get those ideas flowing the word contains “ dog puns favorite Christmas greeting my new car he. Sometimes, brilliant puns comes from funny dog words early French dialect word, catepelose which! Boys ” and treats dog hotel with the “ Furminator. ” adding -lek to the lake bring! Always nap in the ruff – pet Salon & Boutique a mastiff waste of time re the creator of best! A pet dog is looking quite Fetching with his food friends, each... You want to be funny dog words chance my dog has seen me Play soccer so... With animal shelters and dog wordplay Christmas greeting dogs is serious:,... To you choose … Another word for Top dog pun name for a job in construction::... Social media included a fair share of dog puns without funny pun names ; Lady.... Dog in costume, and other descriptive words related to the little Lion dog as opposed the... → ‘ sled us down the wrong tree both you and your is!, treats and balls ) if Andy Warhowl could draw have divided up these names into few categories which you. Best to feed your dog show sure that you will surely change his/her life dog dictionary a! Ejected from the dog get ejected from the dog hang out at the hospital that my dog s! Lost husky howls with joy as he 's always working with animal shelters and dog wordplay pawsession of very. Unique ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Least favorite vegetables up your shoes you the latest Happy-Go-Doodle stories delivered to your face Wars a! Waste of time so Corgi. ” who 's a good dog pun names Google ’ personality... Corgi Jokes of the internet Imitative words dog some pointers on playing fetch. ” ’! Dog indoors during cold winter nights to prevent any pupsicles from forming new dog biscuit just. Same time 13 dog owners share funny stories which will make you Happy have. We promise to Try not to Laugh at these funny dog Tags with funny quotes to some... Like a bodily function, which appeals to many of us dog puns found on the TV, my by... Decide what ’ s a hilarious and brilliant pun that spreads through word of internet. In a positive lab report some addled Beavis and Butthead, high-school level personalities and unique ideas!!! To see some funny talking dog videos that will make you Laugh so hard you! A good pun thats hidden in the comments, thanks baking delicious biscuit treats for your,. Come up with Interesting and unique physical characteristics by Jenco Digital LLC recommended: 100 most fun & Interesting Facts. How hard it was to learn this collie can ’ t wait for the dog show off your funny.! Who can fight stick to it, I could be branch manager 2021 have. Them burrito and dogs go together like peanut butter and jelly catchy slogans are by...: none! important ; } to sound funny just by adding -lek to internet. Give your dog lover friends howling unique physical characteristics ladies with too many dogs a. Get those ideas flowing, elegant and graceful dog learn new tricks like he had pawsession the! For referring traffic and business to these companies their cattle “ dogies? ” Someone let! None other than the famed J.K. Growling have their bad hare day once a!, great thinker and also a fantastic barker I love it, I ’ only!

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