feliway classic diffuser refill for cats

Trending at $18.65. The diffuser releases a comforting pheromone in the local environment and should be plugged into the room where the cat spends most of it’s time, perfect for preventing unwanted behaviour at home. Only 2 left. The instructions were easy to follow and setting up the diffuser with the refill couldn’t be easier. FELIWAY Classic 20ml Spray, comforts cats and helps solve behavioural issues in the home and on the move - 20ml Feliway Friends 30 Day Starter Kit Diffuser and Refill, 48 ml Feliway Classic … ft. and can last up to 30 days, making them the most economical home products. FELIWAY CLASSIC Refill vials include one refill vial (diffuser head sold seperately). Use for prevention or to tackle a stress related issue. The pheromones used in Feliway Classic provide your kitty with a sense of security and contentment. £10.93. FELIWAY ® CLASSIC Diffuser requires a Refill and a Plug-In Device, each sold separately. The 48ml refill lasts 30 days. The results. Provides Security. £17.39. Ceva Feliway Spray 60 ml Cat Feline Stress Behavior Relief Urine Spraying #1173. The Plug-In Device should be replaced every 6 months. FELIWAY Refill requires Feliway Diffuser; Each Refill lasts up to 30 days. Pheromones are species-specific, meaning that the Feliway pheromones will only affect cats and will have no effect on humans or other animals. Refill works with the Feliway Cat Diffuser plug-in. The Feliway® Diffuser refill is easy to use: Remove the vial cap and screw the diffuser onto the vial and gently tighten. Feliway is a synthetic copy of the feline facial pheromone that cats leave behind when they rub their face on people, furniture, doorways and other objects in the home. Feline Pheromones analog Complex (FPHC) 2% Isoparaffinic hydrocarbon 48ml £17.49. Each 30 Day Starter Kit comes with one diffuser device and one 30 day refill. Only 2 left. Click & Collect. Key Benefits. 99 List Price $93.89 $ 93 . Our calming Feliway pheromone diffusers are clinically proven, vet recommended and are drug and odor free. FELIWAY Classic Calming Diffuser Refill for Cats - 3 pack at PetSmart. Refill cartridge contains clinically proven synthetic calming feline facial pheromones that help control unwanted behaviors including urine spraying, inappropriate scratching, and hiding. About Feliway. Feliway Classic is the most commonly used formula. The Feliway Diffuser, releases a synthetic copy of the feline facial pheromone, that helps fear and stress related problems in cats often caused by changes in their environment. Easily pop the old one out and replace with the new one. ), FELIWAY is very effective in helping your cats remain calm, and adapt to the changes without unwanted behaviors. $23.60. The Feliway Diffuser Refill helps reduce signs of stress, comforting kittens and cats during challenging situations. A refill lasts up to 30 days and needs to be replaced monthly, 1 plug suits all cats and covers a 3 bed home. Clinically proven and veterinary recommended. Key Benefits: Mimics the feline facial pheromone, thus creating a state of well-being and comfort Multi-cat Household: Supplement: Preferred: Diffuser should be plugged in and refills replaced as required until problems subside. Each pheromone diffuser covers up to 70m2 (750 ft2). Description. Feliway® is suitable for cats of all ages and also for sick cats; The diffuser is designed for use in Europe and therefore comes with a power adapter for use in the UK. 4.5 out of 5 stars (48) 48 product ratings - 3 PACK FELIWAY CLASSIC Refill for Cats … Classic Feliway comes in plug-in diffuser formulations, sprays, and even wipes. Use the diffuser in the room where your cat spends the most time. £22.89. We found the Feliway Cat Diffuser really beneficial to our cats, and within a day or two of plugging it in noticed a significant decrease in behaviour such as … Diffuser/Refill. Refill fo Classic Feliway Diffuser € 39.02 Cats communicate through natural “happy messages” released from different parts of their body (e.g. Shop all cat treatments online This makes it a great tool to help cats cope with challenging situations, and to help prevent or reduce stress caused by a change in their environment. It has multiple purposes. Available in single packs or packs of 3. Feliway Diffuser can also help reduce stress. FELIWAY Classic 30 day Refill, comforts cats and helps solve behavioural issues. FELIWAY® Optimum has a 9.1/10 Cat owner satisfaction FELIWAY® Optimum is suitable for any cat or kitten. FELIWAY MULTICAT 30 DAY STARTER KIT HARMONY DIFFUSER FOR CATS … Trending at $37.00. It's your cat's way of saying, 'this is mine, this is my space, I feel safe here.' These “happy messages” help to … Product Title Feliway Classic 30 Day Starter Kit Plug-In Diffuser & Refill, 48 mL Average Rating: ( 4.3 ) out of 5 stars 19 ratings , based on 19 reviews Current Price $35.99 $ 35 . FELIWAY CLASSI C Refills, for use with FELIWAY CLASSIC Diffusers (sold separately), are a clinically proven pheromone solution to help comfort and reassure your cat at home. It is drug free and safe to us. With a simple diffuser plug in, you can dispense appeasing pheromones that produce a calming effect for your feline friend. The diffusers can cover up to 750 sq. FAST & FREE. EASY TO USE: Plug the FELIWAY CLASSIC Diffuser & Refill in an open area where your cat spends the most time. $14.65. ... (61) 61 product ratings - FELIWAY Classic 20ml Refill Comforts Cats Helps Solve Behavioural Issues. (52) 52 product ratings - Feliway Classic Diffuser 2 Refills 48 ml Cat constant calming Exp 1/2022+ #3037. Feliway Classic Refill 48ml (30 Days) for the older style Feliway Classic Plug-In Diffuser. It is recommended to replace the refill every 4 weeks, even if a small amount of liquid remains in the vial (the vial will never be completely empty). Feliway is the world's leading cat behaviour product scientifically proven to help stop and prevent unwanted behaviours in cats. • About FELIWAY ® CLASSIC Diffuser. Free postage. ... 3 PACK FELIWAY CLASSIC Refill for Cats (144 mL) Expires 06/2021. The Feliway Diffuser is 90% effective in reducing vertical scratching and urine spraying within 7 days. Use FELIWAY CLASSIC Refill every month in order to continue to create a loving and comfortable home where you and your cat will always be Happy Together. Feliway Classic Refills for the Feliway Classic Diffuser. A diffuser covers an area of 750 sq ft. Click & Collect. The most convenient and popular way to use Feliway is by using a diffuser. We Know Our Stuff! Replace diffuser device every 6 months. Plug in the Feliway diffuser and the stress goes away. - Check out The best dog foods and Brain Training For Dogs Use FELIWAY CLASSIC refill vials along with the FELIWAY CLASSIC diffusers (sold seperately) if your cat shows signs of discomfort like peeing outside the litter box, hiding, or destructive scratching. The Breeders Spot Is Made Up Of A Community Of Several Breeders. (256) 256 product ratings - FELIWAY Classic Plug In Diffuser + Refill Pack Calm Cat Stress Relief Pheromone. 89 The Refill contains the product to be diffused and the Plug-In is the diffuser device. The FELIWAY Classic Diffuser Kit includes one diffuser, and one refill vial. It emits a synthetic replica of the natural facial pheromone released by cats when they are comfortable in their environment. 4.5 out of 5 stars (9) 9 product ratings ... (230) 230 product ratings - Feliway Classic Feline Pheromone Diffuser Refill 48ml Fast Delivery! Free postage. Feliway FRIENDS 30 Day Refill. Multicat households may benefite from permanent use of Feliway Diffuser. Feliway Diffuser One of our 3 cats used to spend all of her time hiding under a bed, but since using the Feliway diffuser she is now happy and relaxed in the company of our other cats and joins us all on the sofa of an evening. Itâ s continuous effect provides constant comfort for your cat. If you find your cats don’t seem to be the best of friends or are even in outright conflict most of the time, a FELIWAY MultiCat Diffuser will help to restore harmony in your home. The diffuser and refill works continuously to help cats and kittens adjust to changes in their environment, feel comfortable in a new home and avoid unwanted behaviours like urine spraying, scratching and hiding. We were amazed at the effect it had on her. Sprays can … Feliway. Nurtures your relationship with your cat, by creating a loving environment at home. Only 2 left. Feliway for cats offers an easy solution to keeping your cat calm during stressful situations. It is a sign they feel comfortable and safe in their home environment. Feliway Diffuser Pack/Refill - Classic. 5. Feliway is a feline facial pheromone which mimics the cat's natural pheromones, creating a state of well-being and calmness relieving pet stress. Cats are also very sensitive to change, so if you anticipate changes in the home (moving, renovation, recorating, new pets, new family members, etcs. This is ideal for planned vacations, introducing a new cat to you home, or More Info Modern life does not always make for happy cats, stress can contribute directly to health problems. Free shipping. the face, mammary area and paws). Just plug and play: screw the vial into the electric Diffuser unit (sold separately as part of the Feliway Diffuser Set), plug it into an electric socket and switch it on; Leave the Diffuser switched on continuously for one month; Good to know. By mimicking the natural feline reassuring messages (pheromones), FELIWAY CLASSIC helps cats happily adjust to pace of modern life. Feliway Diffuser should be used to reduce the general level of stress in all cats. This easy-to-use diffuser emits a synthetic replica of the natural facial pheromone released by cats when they are comfortable in their environment. Upon sniffing it, your cat should feel at home. Feliway Classic 30 Day Starter Kit Plug-In Diffuser & Refill for Cat, 48 ml. If you travel with your cat, our Feliway Classic Spray provides stress relieve on the go with our 60 ml of feline facial pheromone travel spray. The Feliway Classic Diffuser Plug-In Starter Kit helps reduce signs of stress, comforting kittens and cats during challenging situations. Feliway Classic Diffuser Refill for Cats 48 mL , Pack of 2 - RETAIL PACKAGING. Feliway Cat Calming Diffuser Refill. Use the Feliway 30-Day Refill to easily refill your diffuser and continue providing room-wide pheromone therapy. Each Refill lasts up to 30 days. $22.50. For in-home use, our starter kit includes a Feliway diffuser plug in with a 30 day supply (48 ml).

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