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smrt First in Singapore Taxi Sharing System it contains a very important video clip of my grandmother who had long passed on & that video clip is dearest importance to us. Flexible Driving Promotions December Taxi Share Promotion: November Taxi Share Promotion: For more information, please contact us at 6387 1221 or fill up the call back form at If I recognize road thn I no need to take taxi Le lo..I can take mrt bak la…stupid! Upon reaching my destination I told him “Uncle next time don’t drive dangerously.My life doesn’t cost $50!” upon which he replied “I drive very smoothly what?”. Affordable & Reliable Bookkeeping. Any contact no : 8132 3973. raining day no business and this is not the 1st time I see. CALL CENTRE PUT ME ON HOLD AFTER 30 MIN THEN CUT OFF. The driver was very old too and wearning green band on his whrist. I am going to lodge a police report tomorrow for verbal abuse, I have a recording of the conversation as evidence. Mr Christopher Tok Meng Choy He had called the hotline thrice to assist him but they were not helpful at all. Why london taxi hardly see on the road? Can anybody help me to trace this taxi is in maroon colour, If anyone finds a Acer Laptop in a brown laptop bag. (I do not know the color even bcos I was in a rush) My mobile phone data & files are so important to me, I hope you guys can help. Sad to say there are like this kind of driver here in this beautiful country of Singapore. Spoke good English and very knowledgeable. When he realized we were heading to Jurong West, his reaction was “Jurong West ah?” Unfortunately I do Not know the number plate & which taxi it is so I’m sending this message to all the taxi companies in Singapore. one of the drivers from smrt taxi giving us very very rude service tonight, he even told me to drop off suddenly from the cab while we got argument about direction of the way, on the middle of the way… We also have a long-standing commitment to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those around us and we do this through a sustained programme of corporate philanthropy, volunteerism and community outreach. Lost a pair of beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO in the taxi on 23rd november 2013, it is inside a headphone bag with accessories and my ipad charger. Does not include "Hired" or … time : 3.30am My iPad was stolen by the taxi driver while I was taking some cash from a cash machine as the driver said that the credit card machine in the taxi was not working. and do your have a webpage where we could identify your drivers alike those identification in the cab with name & picture? I m looking for taxi SHD1206 to thanks him for his help at katong swimming pool. 24 hrs Maxi Cab ... Hi to all SMRT taxi hirer I live in tampines st 34 i will like to be a relief driving day form 6am to 6pm 6 days a week Hirer interest please call me at 90053648 Huat thank you. He very smart! make the booking 6 dial cab and even tru the hot line. SMRT said the Taxi Share scheme, which will kick off on Feb 1, will boost the firm's competitiveness, by offering taxi drivers more flexibility, in terms of when and how many hours they drive. On 27 November 2014 at 1915 hrs at the taxi stand opposite Hougang Interchange, a brown Chevrolet cab of yours pointed middle finger at me and argued with me when he cut into my lane suddenly into the taxi stand and i honk him. Starting 1 May 2018, SMRT Taxis will impose a $30 penalty to Taxi Share partners who habitually return the taxis on low fuel light. Your drivers should be trained to become like Comfort’s drivers – I beg you PLEASE. SMRT Taxis has been in service for more than 20 years, and today carries a healthy range of close to 3,000 sedans, large capacity multi-purpose taxis and luxurious vehicles. Most Choices of Taxi Rental Schemes We now offer the most choices of rental schemes in Singapore! A new taxi sharing scheme unveiled by transport operator SMRT will allow drivers to rent taxis on an hourly basis , as opposed to a daily rate, in an effort to put more taxis on the roads as well as to offer cabbies greater income opportunities and more flexibility in managing their work schedules. SMRT TAXI. Therefore I will save you some time. pls contact tis number 81137380 (Mr kim) Again, to my dismay, I had to wait for another tow truck to fetch me. thirdly, why we don’t want to walk? shouting at not only me but also my colleague, it is hw they r providing worldwide customer service with its rude staff…. Color: White, by Cheryl Tan, The Straits Times The police is after you, SMRT! Please return the pictures only and you can keep the rest is okay for us. return if u have a consience of this is very important those things……it is frying fan I big and small.tanand some grocery in ntuc. Please keep a lookout for me. Ant shift. After they reached the havelock road they forgot to collect all the bags yet the taxi driver also didn’t remind them. 24 hrs Maxi Cab ... Hi to all SMRT taxi hirer I live in tampines st 34 i will like to be a relief driving day form 6am to 6pm 6 days a week Hirer interest please call me at 90053648 Huat thank you. I took an SMRT chevrolet taxi from hotel JEN Orchard gateway to Tanglin Mall at around 3:30 PM on 21 November 2015, Drop off : 73, Jalan Tua Kong, Park East Condominium. When I was checking my mail, I found a mail from Furama city informing me that I had left my wallet and the in the taxi and the driver had brought it to the hotel in which I stayed. (c) If you are a taxi partner with SMRT: administration in relation to the leasing of taxis (including but not limited to processing taxi licenses and rental payments); facilitating the continuation or termination of the leasing relationship (including but not limited to maintenance of records, processing lease renewals and providing regular updates and communications); Share to More. The service provided by one of your taxi drivers was terrible. SMRT TAXIS PTE LTD. 60 Woodlands Industrial Park E4 Singapore 757705. With extra charges and what-nots. Share to Facebook. I’m not sure if this is the cab we took dated 27/06/12. I am totally disgusted with his actions and dangerous driving. It is a maroon colour SMRT cab driver. # Average gross earning of Taxi partners taking both street hail and app bookings. Eenngglliisshh Cclliinniicc Bintan Centre, Tatta Seshu Raghavacharyulu Raghavacharyulu,, SsangYong Rodius SV270 XDI (Space: 7-seater). I was travelling 80-90km/hr. Hi I lost my iPhone 5s in a grey hyundai cab today. Telephone: (65) 6369 0111 First I call comfort (no taxis) second time I try call trans cab again (no taxis) the third time I tried call smrt cab finally have taxis thanks to smrt. My friends took a SMRT taxi on last Friday around 7 PM fom Fortune until Havelock Road. Last time i can earn about $12 per hr after deducted rental and fuel. Established in 1987 and listed on the Singapore Exchange since 2000, SMRT has a market capitalisation of more than $2.5 billion backed by total assets of $1.4 billion. Fleet: over 3,000 taxi cabs Call us or visit our Taxi Driver Recruitment Centre to find out more: SMRT Taxis (Woodlands Depot) 60 Woodlands Industrial Park E4 Singapore 757705 Mon-Fri (excluding Public Holidays), 8.30am to 5.00pm I only managed to find $9.50. 24hrs 7-seater taxi in Singapore fr S$55 per trip / hour (min.2 hrs). I would like to highly commemorate one of your kind driver of SHB5244A who decided to waive off the $3 airport charge on my total payment because I was at the airport not for travel but just for a meeting. Thank you. The fares was S$18.20…. Punctuality: I was usually one of the last to leave and arrive. Driver: “high tone” wah piang i no small note la..u shld tell me earlier sia u gv me big $. In its core transport business, we are committed to offering a safe, reliable and friendly travel experience on its extensive network of trains, buses and taxis supported by retail amenities conveniently located within its stations. HOW TO TRUST THE TAXI DRIVER ANYMORE! Why must your taxi driver bully people when they are nice and only started to be more wary when customers started screaming? The move will cost the company an additional S$6 million, bringing its total support for taxi drivers to about S$20 million, SMRT said in a press release. Read and share SMRT Taxi reviews by users. Join ST's Telegram channel here and get the latest breaking news delivered to you. Email Categories. morning! As a passenger, I immediately panic, a normal reaction to these circumstances. I boarded a maroon taxi on 2 July, around 0905 to 0910 from Yew Tee MRT taxi stand & alight at 47 & 49 Sungei Kadut Avenue. pickup :Clarke quey If he did not display such a note, why is it my fault? Fucking rude taxi diver tat I ever met! **2ND,NOT POLITE AT ALL**, You want chauffeur , friendly , helpful and responsibility driver between SINGAPORE to JOHOR BAHRU for transfer trip / sightseeing / golf trip / tour trip / biz trip / wedding trip etc with further up 10 seater MPV / car.Please e-mail for more details. It was as I can remember a Transcab taxi (but not sure at 100%) from McPherson Road to Takashimaya around 10.50 am. I had to wait between two and five minutes for a cab to be assigned to me. The article surmises that there aren't enough drivers for these taxis because many have jumped ship to Grab and Uber. He is not mindful that there is an infant inside. City roaming or outstation , Sedan , MUV or Premium cabs , we have everything for You! ... Toggle share menu. We have got no replies as promised by the staff on the phone. Explore results {{}} 1 of 1. I told him he could have killed me. Read and share SMRT Taxi reviews by users. And he was very stubborn, making the cab ride very unpleasant. Please return the phone if found. Please find out whom the cab driver was and address this issue. When reached, the taxi fare was $10.50. Since SMRT Taxis in Jan rolled out taxi-sharing scheme aimed at providing drivers with greater work flexibility, Mr Lim, along with other taxi drivers were attracted to driving the taxis as leisure. 40 sin ming lane, midview city, singapore 573958 opening hours: mon - fri: 9:00am - 6:00pm / sat: 9:00am - 1:00pm Search But a log-in is still required for our PDFs. I almost hit into his car if i didnt jammed brakes on time in the video provided . Driver was a fair Chinese man around early fifties, slight bald (pardon my description). On one occasion, no cab was available and the operator told me to call back later. Your drivers would be teaching me to be nasty to them… this is the theory of conditioning! Does not even slow down on humps and entering the blocks. Can contact me through this number if found, 9299 7423. We have been experiencing some problems with subscriber log-ins and apologise for the inconvenience caused. My line got cut off once. Facsimile: (65) 6334 0247 Taxi Feedback Share your taxi feedback Complain a taxi One picture shows the taxi with an … One of the taxi drivers from yor company told me they dont accept creditcard.. what crap! The taxi driver actually told me “you should know that Jalan Bukit Ho Swee:” is near to Maxwell market, you should have small change and his attitude was bad.

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