winter malting barley varieties

For example, two winter two-rowed malting barley cultivars, Endeavor and Calypso, displayed superior resistance to DON accumulation in North Carolina. CMBTC bases their recommendations on the varieties expected to be chosen by grain and malting companies for domestic and export markets in … Read More. Table 1. In 2016, AMBA approved 20 2-row varieties and 8 6-row varieties for the Recommended Malting Barley Varieties list. It is relatively early to mature and has a respectable specific weight of 67.9 kg/hl. It has a moderate disease package but does need watching for mildew. MATERIALS AND METHODS In the fall of 2016, a winter malting barley variety trial was established at Borderview Research Farm in Alburgh, VT. Pilot Studies The University barley breeding program already coordinates a national winter malting barley trial that This is in fact a spring malting barley variety, such as Laureate, which is drilled in late autumn. It is early to mature and has a good disease package but is tall in the straw which needs a robust PGR program. It has a reasonable agronomic profile but is susceptible to mildew. In that time we have shown we have the expertise to deliver class-leading varieties for you to grow for the brewing and distilling industry. F. ind out more information on each of the varieties below. ABI Growler is a two-rowed, midseason, spring barley developed by … Find out more information on each of the varieties below. Consider planting moderately resistant varieties, when available. Winter malting barley demand remains very strong and continues to grow at a very fast pace thanks to export of both barley and malt out of France. Performs well on all soil types and is very competitive against grass-weeds. It is relatively early to mature and has a good disease package. A small proportion of growers in the southeast, mainly concentrated around north Wexford, who farm on extremely free-draining soils have been drilling what is often referred to as winter malting barley. Produces good yields with a strong disease package. Craft. Approx 50,000 Ha’s of winter barley is grown each year, feed is the biggest sector although new varieties suitable for malting are coming through the trial programme with Non GN varieties suitable for distilling now being commercially available. Barley Coordinated Agricultural Project (CAP) and development of winter habit malting barley varieties is a key objective of the U.S. barley research community. In Europe, the most economically significant use of barley is the production of malt for use in the brewing and distilling industries. This ensures maximal yields and staggered harvesting which ensures a continuous supply of barley for malting. Trends: New Varieties of Winter Barley with Higher Yields. A heritage winter malting barley with outstanding quality. The treatments were thirty winter malting barley varieties, listed in Table 1. Syngenta have been breeding malting barley for over 35 years. Wintmalt is a two-row winter barley developed by KWS (Germany). Around 1,000ha of the area is sown to Craft and 100ha to Electrum. It can produce above-average screenings. Malting Barley Seed — Central Plains Limagrain Cereal Seeds 2020-07-01T08:24:28-06:00 2-Row Malting Barley Bred for Craft Brewing in the Central Plains As the lead-off partner in Central Plains craft brewing supply chains, LCS understands how important it is for farmers, maltsters and brewers to begin with only the highest quality elite malting barley varieties. A new 6-row hybrid barley onto the market in 2019, SY Kingsbarn offers growers very high yields with a good specific weight. Thunder is a rough-awned, two-row winter barley with short rachilla hairs. The first winter barley malting varieties should be available for industry testing by 2018 with a continuous stream following. Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) is one of our most ancient crops and was domesticated from wild barley (Hordeum vulgare ssp. Malting barley requires careful management to maximize grain yield and to maintain high quality grain for malting purposes. Current public lines from the western United States have been 'Charles', 'Endeavor', and 'Maja'.

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